About Us

Bendigo Woollen Mills is located in the historic gold mining town of Bendigo in Central Victoria - north of Melbourne. The company was started by two local families in Kangaroo Flat and moved to its current location back in 1988. We currently employ approximately 30 staff members full-time, running two shifts in the factory and moving to 3 shifts during peak sales periods.

We are Australia's largest hand knitting & crafting yarn mail order manufacturer, with a huge variety of different yarns and colours to choose from. We do 5-6 mailings per year to keep in touch with our customers, letting them know about new yarns and patterns available.

We use only the most luxurious natural fibres available. Our method of hank dyeing results in a softer, fuller end product. The wool produced is from Australian grown wool from the NSW Highlands region. We also produce yarns with other fibres including Alpaca, Mohair, Angora, Silk and Cotton.

Historic Factory Buildings



The historic buildings occupied by the Bendigo Woollen Mills were built in 1901 by the Bendigo Electric Supply Company and were part of the Bendigo power generating and tramways complex. Coal powered generators - which used to be located in the main factory building – provided all of Bendigo’s electricity including the tramways system. In 1934 the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) took over the buildings and continued to operate for many years.

In 1988 Bendigo Woollen Mills purchased the powerhouse buildings from the SECV. The tramways buildings remained the property of the Bendigo Tramways who still operate tourist trams from the adjacent site.